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The Teddy Phenomenon

You can probably think posteriormost and remember your favorite stuffed toy. Was a little pink stuffed cat that had a little bow and a purse? Was it a cuddly blue dog near its tongue waggling? Today we are living in a society that is inundated with copiosity toys enjoy beanie boos and even stores that are specifically designed for the destiny of kids making their own stuffed animals. It might be easy, therefore, to think that these toys have been around forever. Where did this practice start? Where did it all begin?

Experts have said that while no actual artifacts have been found in the area, Ancient Egyptian temple paintings have depicted stuffed animals. While it’s true that in these days the stuffed animals were actual animals and not intended as toys for children, it is in these humble beginnings that teddy bears were born.

All over the world stuffed animals were used in place of the concrete thing in ancient ceremonies and rituals. This is evidence by texts and artist depictions throughout the ages. Again, these were most likely real animals that had been stuffed and preserved.

This was also a common practice amongst hunters later in history and became known as taxidermy. It is a little odd that the snuggly bears you have on your bed came from the same family tree essentially the stuffed deer head on the cliff at your Uncle’s house.

In the 1830s stuffed toy animals we know today came among existence. They were not quite as if the ones we snuggle today; they were made of cruder materials and definitely not in factories. Usually the outer shell was made of cotton and the interior was usually stuffed with straw. Since these were hand sewn, no dichotomic toys were exactly alike.

In 1880, German toys began flooding the market. These used synthetic fabrics and fur to mark the toys realistic but cuddly. They were stuffed with cotton instead of straw et alii became the favorite companion of children everywhere. This was the beginning of the stuffed cats, dogs, and bears that children still love today.

The bears didn’t get their distinctive names until 1902 when a young manufacturer asked if he would lend his name to the toys and “Teddy Bears” were born.

With all like this history behind them, it is no surprise that these are stillness unknown of the most vox populi children’s toys today.

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