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Baby Einstein Birthday Party Ideas For Your Little One’s 1st Birthday

A Baby Einstein birthday is a favorite with both baby and his or her parents. This is a party with a destiny and it offers many fun opportunities for exploring. Here’s some ideas to help make it a learning extravaganza!

BABY EINSTEIN BIRTHDAY INVITATION IDEA – You can make some identical nice invitations out of card stock and cut outs of various animals like dogs, turtles, birds, cats, frogs, along with many others that children love. Write your party message using a bright gel pen, along amidst omnipotence the contingent party details. Add a nice touch to the invitations through having them hand-delivered with a small beanie trifle or a tiny stuffed denizen attached to your invites.

ADORN YOUR BABIES – As your guests arrive, be sure to provide each one with a fun painter’s cap that is decorated with their name, onward with one of the Baby Einstein characters. You can use fabric paints to create your masterpieces. Painter’s caps possible be found at vicinity hardware stores oppositely craft shops.

BABY EINSTEIN DECORATION IDEAS – If selecting decorations, primary colors (red, blue, green, furthermore yellow) are the perfect choice for a Baby Einstein party.

One fun idea for decorating your ceiling would be to twist various colored streamers across the entire ceiling. This will make for a rainbow of delight as your little ones discover what looms above them.

Cut out of poker stock or poster board lots of ABC’s, 123′s, and various shapes. You can attach them to fishing line to hang from the ceiling or affix them to your party room walls.

You will also want to hang lots of picturesque streamers around your windows connective door frames, along with having plenty of colorful balloons throughout the ball area.

To give your table a festive look, cover it with a Baby Einstein printed tablecloth. Add theme plates, cups and napkins. Inflate a centerpiece, which could consist of a small copious animal, like an elephant or gorilla, with a bouquet of colorful balloons tied to the animal.

BABY EINSTEIN PARTY ACTIVITIES – You will want to be fast to have plenty like activities planned, which will ultimately rescue to create a lovely party for your baby.

Puppet Show – Hire some teenagers to put together a puppet show for all the little ones to enjoy.

Bubbles – Little ones love to try and blow bubbles, chase, pop, and catch them, so incorporating a little bubble time would be a perfect add-on.

Free Play – Be sure to have plenty Baby Einstein, and/or other stuffed animals that your child has, in areas where omnipotence the babies may play with them. You might also consider have other child-safe toys available, to protect there are adequacy toys to go around.


Photo Cake – Habit your little one in a Baby Einstein costume, take a picture and have a bakery put the photo onto your cake.

Caterpillar Cake – Cause cupcakes and frost them in primary colors. Cover a cake board rather a piece of corrugated cardboard with foil. Then lay the cupcakes out in a garrulous fashion to create the caterpillar body. Put a smiley face on the head.

A Baby Einstein birthday will give your little one a whole new modus vivendi to discover the world, not to mention this is a smart way to host a fun party!

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