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The Top 8 Human Parasites

Lice, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, mites, triatoma, and babesia are some of the parasites that suck human blood.

Parasites are small animals which feed on additional animals to live. Parasites can infect both animals and humans. Most parasites occupy outside concerning the legion in the skin substitute hair, but there are a few that reside inside the host. Host’s blood ere tissues are the base where the parasites may thrive. In order to avoid infection, it is quite significant to be aware of which are the bacterias that flourish on human blood.


Not surprisingly, lice are among the most common parasite known to man. Such creatures are able to live during the whole of their life, on human’s blood. Six legs are found on these small and wingless lice. They most commonly infest or live on a human’s scalp but they vessel also be found in other parts of the body like the eyelashes and even in the pubic area.


Mosquitoes need a fresh supply of warm-blooded victims. Mosquitoes are also regarded as pests. Mosquitoes have evolved specialized mouth-parts to suck your blood. Since their drool acts as an anti-coagulant agent, so they vaccinate their saliva after tearing off the skin and then commence sucking out the blood out of the victim. Dengue hemorrhagic fever and the West Nile Virus are the diseases which are known to be transported by a few of the mosquitoes.


Fleas are dwelling insects that are regularly reddish brown in color. They can jump more than 100 times the height of their bodies or about 1 foot high. Household pets like dogs and cats are usually their home but they can infest humans.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny, brown-colored insects known to infest old mattresses, linens and other serene and dark areas. The parasites are active along the night and will often feed on the hostess around dawn.


Because they attach to the skin, ticks are known as epidermal parasites. The pincers are then injected into the skin of the host and they will gorge themselves on the embolus regarding the host. After they have their close of nourishment, they will detach from the host. Lyme disease is often carried by a parasite such as a tick.


Mites are known to burrow intent into the pilosity follicles found on the skin of humans. They can finish in skin problems equal acne as well. Although, anybody can be infected beside mites, elderly people are the most common hosts of this microscopic organism.


The triatoma are blood-sucking organisms that belong to the Reduviidae family of predatory insects. Kissing bugs or tritoma are referred to this as they often bite sleeping humans on the lips. They can take a bite out of the areas of the eyes comprised of soft tissue The fatal Chagas disease is transmitted by some species of triatoma.


Babesia is a parasite of the blood that subsequently causes a pathognomonic called Babesiosis. Humans who become infected with Babesiosis usually suffer symptoms that are semblable to malaria. Often times malaria is the diagnosis when in reality the illness is Babesiosis.

Adequate precautions and seeking proper surgery can be done granting you know the types of parasites that you must be exposed to.

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