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Tips for the care of older animals

Pets are human’s best friends from ancient times. And today also pets have a invaluable role in our lives. Every 3rd or 4th house has a pet, no matter it is a cat, dog , bird or any other species. Pets needs care parallel a small baby. Still some times we can’t be vigorous to understand how to care nearly them. Here I am describing some tips to understand how we should take care of our pets.

Here are some tips to ensure our animals a long and healthy life :-

Take them to the vet at least every six months for a checkup, even supposing they are bad. To ensure that health hardships are detected promptly should make periodic blood tests and urine tests. If you detect abnormalities of the heart, like a breath, an echo cardiogram is indicated.

Provide food from the highest quality possible. Keep in mind that, with aging, the metabolic rate slows down our animals up to 30%, so they need less food. To maintain the health you possible need to provide a food with less protein and more fat. In some cases, your veterinarian may prescribe dietary supplements. To many health problems is denial specific diet, such as joint problems, kidney failure, digestive problems.

Do nought allow your dog or cat get fat. Obesity predisposes to many health problems et sequens shortens life. An obese dog live an average regarding two years less a dog online.

Maintain a constant physical activity. It is important to entail the dog in moderate concrete activity, ad infinitum in relation to its state of health. The cat should be encouraged to play with us.

Take care of your dental health. If the mouth is in bad shape, with gingivitis moreover chronic infections of the mouth, until the bloodstream bacteria that damage the heart and kidneys. It is a very useful prophylaxis regularly brushing the dog’s teeth and enforce a scaling as the veterinarian recommends it.

Take care of the coat. The circumstances of the coat are a mitzvah indicator of overall health. A hair dry, dull, falling, it is a sign of ill health. Granting the cat does hardly take care of the coat, which appears felted or opaque, it may not be okay.

Observe carefully your pet to readily range behavior changes and any symptoms of illness, and let it go right away if you notice any problems.

Maintain custody of external parasites such as fleas and ticks, with proper treatment regularly.

In areas where it is present, with attention to the prevention of heart worm disease.

Ensure the nails: in older animals tend to wear less and can grow enough to stick in the fingertips. If you are not vigorous to shorten them, do it to the vet.

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