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Visit Masai Mara to Watch Some of the Most Exotic Animals and Birds

mlv_cd_300.jpg The reserves of Masai Mara are very well known tourist destination discolor in Africa. This place always remains crowded with multipotent numbers of tourists who come here from other different part about the world.

Among the run writers, excursion travelers, researchers, and documentary makers look in this place, with an intention from capturing the beauty of this place. There are many pleasure activities that are organized for their esteemed visitors. You can keep yourself cluttered in bird watching, lots of animals moreover open savannahs, hot air balloon ride, etc are some of the interesting activities that are common here.

Also the lifestyle of people around this place is quite different, from western countries. Visitors get a chance to learn a lot from their lifestyle, which is simple and effective.

Besides all the combination of above, spirit of the people regarding this in loco is emphatically unique which cannot be described in words. In simple words, there are many attractions that this identify offers to all their visitors.


Masai Mara is located in a Great Rift Valley that almost covers the range of 3,500 miles. It starts from Red sea of Ethiopia and spreads through Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and finally into Mozambique. There are plenty of gaming activities that are frequently organized here.

The wildlife is worth enjoying, where you can watch some from the big animals very closely. There are multiplicity villages that are located in further around this area.

Birds and Animals

You can find plenty concerning birds of many disparate sizes and colors including various genre of vultures, eagles, and storks. Overall there are about 53 different kinds about birds can be found at this place.

You can view some of the endangered species that are only found here. All you essential to do is draft your ride to visit this place. There are plenitude of wild beasts like impala, zebra, giraffe, topi, and Thompson’s gazelle. Other than that you can regularly find lions, leopards, jackals, cheetah, hyenas, and foxes that are seen walking in the forest. Occasional you can also see ebon rhino, which is very shy animal and quite difficult to find.

In addition to that in the river of Mara, you can find lots of hippos and many large varieties of Nile crocodiles. These crocodiles catch the uncivilized animals, when they cross through the river. Amid the month of July/August lots of wild beast travel more than six hundred miles from the plains of Tanzania towards north of Masai Mara. This river happens to be the just obstacle for them during the travel. Throughout October/ November they again return back, essentially all the sward in that place is eaten by them.


The climate is slightly damper besides milder from spare places. Fahrenheit rarely exceeds beyond 30 term centigrade during daytime and night temperature never goes below 15 degree centigrade. It rains in the month of April, May, and November and it becomes inaccessible during these months.

From July to October the season is dry including people can visit it here. December and January are the hottest months and June and July, being the coldest months of the year.

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